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Group Classes

PuppyMagic™ Group Class

PuppyMagic™ Group Class

We Help Puppies Grow Up Great!

Puppy One for puppies age 10 to 16 weeks:
SATURDAYS FROM 1 TO 2:30 PM.  Call for starting dates.
We tailor our unique PuppyMagic training program for very little puppies, who mostly need:

  • SOCIALIZATION:  being comfortable meeting new dogs and people in lots of new settings
  • IMPULSE CONTROL:  impulse control is the key to having an adolescent dog that can come when called ... even when there are lots of distractions!  You'll learn how to teach impulse control - even when you working on all your cues and commands.
  • CUES & COMMANDS:  relax, come when called, leave it and get it, lie down and stay, and ease with being handled 

Puppy Two for puppies age 16 to 24 weeks :
SATURDAYS FROM 2:45 TO 4:15 PM.  Call for starting dates.
Our Puppy One graduates who want even more skills, can continue working on all their "good" behaviors get EVEN BETTER at being able to perform when lots of distractions are present.  We focus on teaching puppies how to "take their turn". They learn to do things like wait with the door open, to go in or out; and to go to their mark when asked.  

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 to GET STARTED!