Camp Canine Rates

Lodging Rates

New Campers
Regular Rate

$69/night 1st dog
$56/night 2nd dog
$35/night 3rd dog

 Holiday Rate (see Holiday schedule below)

$79/night 1st dog
$66/night 2nd dog
$45/night 3rd dog

Doggie Day Care
Everyday can be filled play, fun and exercise for your dog!
One Day Pass $45
Half-Day Pass  (6 hours or less)


10 Day Pass $410 ($41 per day)
         10% Discount
20 Day Pass

$750 ($37.5 per day)
         15% Discount

provided by the Camp Canine Training Center 

Call:  962-1013 for Rates and Schedule Availability

PUPPY MAGIC™ Group Class
Group classes for Little Puppies. Build a firm foundation for good behavior, right from day one. Learn how to be a leader your puppy wants and deserves.

Group Classes have 6 weekly sessions. Each session last about an hour and 15 minutes, and may go a little longer.  Call 962-1013 for pricing and dates.


Puppies come for a day of training and socialization during their early weeks of learning.  We start building a firm foundation for all the good behaviors you want your dog to have. In Day-Training School, puppies get exposure to lots of other dogs, they get an introduction to the basic commands, and they get to play in a guided environment for a day full of exercise, training and fun!

Puppies arrive at Camp between 8 and 9:30 am, and go home between 5 and 6 pm.  We are open from 7 am and 7 pm so early drop-off and late pick-up are available at no additional cost.

(Puppies must have had their 3rd round of vaccinations)


Puppies must have had their 3rd booster vaccination for Distemper and Parvo. And they must have had their Bordatella vaccination. Rabies vacine is not required.  

Please call the Training Center at 962-1013 for pricing and availability

DAY-TRAINING SCHOOL - for Adolescent & Adult dogs
Dogs spend the day with us for individual and group training with a professional trainer. We focusing on the behavior your dog needs most and group training with other dogs. We work on the basics of good behavior so your dog can become the best possible companion. Your dog will get lots of exercise and training ... and is likely to go home happy and totally pooped!

Dogs arrive at Camp between 8 and 9:30 am, and go home between 5 and 6 pm.  We are open from 7 am and 7 pm so early drop-off and late pick-up are available at no additional cost.

(For dogs age 5 months and up. Special rates for families with 2 dogs are available.)



For dogs age 5 months & up.  All dogs must have up to date vaccinations, including rabies. 

All dogs that come to day school must have had a recent fecal test that shows them "negative" for all parasites and giardia. 


Personalized one-on-one training for you and your dog. (Lessons can be at your residence, the beach, or other location)

Please call the Training Center at 962-1013 for rates and availability. 

The location of each lesson depends on the focus and the needs of the individual dog and what we are working on.  Lessons can be at your residence, the beach, dog park, etc.

Jump-Start training is a 4-day, 3 night training program that can make a quick change in many minor problems. We'll can help get your dog going in a new direction.  You'll have a 30-minute mini-private lesson at Camp when you pick your dog up to see what your dog has learned. And we'll show you how you to reinforce the new behaviors at home in the days and weeks to come. We'll also recommend "what's next" to completely resolve the issue that you are concerned about.



4-days and 3 nights of training at Camp, plus a mini-private lesson when you come to pick up your dog.  


Dogs stay with aprofessional trainer 24/7 and get comprehensive training on all the behaviors that need to change and the skills they need to acquire to be wonderful canine companions.

$965 per week

We are experts in evaluating serious behavioral issues like biting, food aggression, and other potentially dangerous behaviors. We have experience working with even the most troublesome causes of concern for owners.  The most effective behavior modification program includes teaching owners what they need to know to reinforce the new "good" behaviors at home. 


$1250 per week
On average, dogs stay 1 or 2 weeks at Camp, depending on what we're working on.

In adolescent and adult dogs, the most serious behavioral issues usually involve aggression toward other dogs and even people. These tyspes of dogs require rehabiltiation to prevent aggression from becoming an even more serious problem and to help protect owners and theirr families from liability and risk of having an aggressive dog.  

If qualified for day-training, dogs come to Camp from 3 to 5 days per week depending on the severity of the problem being addressed. 

Dogs with more serious behavior problems stay at Camp for a minimum of 2 weeks.


Please call the Training Center at 962-1013 to talk about your unique problem. We will meet and assess your dog's behavioral issue, and then provide a quote for the work that needs to be done. 



After Hours Pick up & Delivery
(By Appointment)

Check In - Check Out
     Between 6:00 am and 7:00 am $75
     Between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm $50
     Between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am
     Between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am $100
On any Holiday date $150

Special Services

Pick-Up or DeliveryRates
To or from Santa Barbara call for rate
To or from Santa Barbara Airport (+ $50/hour wait time)
To or from Goleta or Carpinteria $40
To or from Los Angeles (+ $0.50 per mile & $50/ hour wait time) $175 +
Veterinarian AppointmentsRates
Transportation to pre-scheduled appointments:
     To and from a Santa Barbara area office $75 *
     To and from a Goleta are office $100 *
(* Includes 30 minutes of "wait time"- $50 per hour over 30 minutes)
More Special ServicesRates
City Walk $25 each
Nature Walk (On leash at the beach or mountain trail)
1 Walk $55
2 Walks $50 each
3 or more Walks $45 each
Special Diet (provided by owner) $4 per day
Medication (provided by owner)
Given during business hours $5 per dose
Given after business hours $10 per dose
Injections $15 per dose
The SpaRates
Bath Call for quote
Grooming Call for quote
Teeth Polish $10
Deskunk $20
Nail Trim $15
Electric Nail File $20
Tick Removal $10 (min)
Anal Glands $15
Undercoat Removed $20 (min)
Dematting (for 15 minutes of dematting) $15 (min)

Holiday Rates are in effect on the following dates:

Camp Canine Holidays for 2016  
President’s Day February 13th - 17th
Easter March 25 - 28th
Memorial Day May 27th - 31st
Independence Day July 1st - 5th
Labor Day Sept 2nd - 6th


November 23rd - Nov 28th

Winter Holidays December 23rd - Jan. 2nd