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"We Were Thrilled"

We were thrilled when we found Camp Canine!
We found our wonderful Widget dumped on a back road in the Arizona desert when she was just 10 weeks old, and were thrilled when we found Camp Canine.  My husband and I both work at least 45 hours  a week, and had not intended to get a puppy, but we just couldn’t resist her!  We hated to leave her home alone all day.  Widget has now been a four day a week visitor to Camp Canine’s Doggy Day Care for almost five years.  She is always excited to go, thoroughly enjoys hanging out with her friends - both dog and human, and comes home happy and tired.

We especially appreciate the loving care that she receives from the staff at Camp Canine – we always know that Widget is in very good hands.

~ Gary & Lynn S.  and "Widget"

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Ace & Charlie

A bath and a haircut today?  At the Spa at Camp Canine? YIPPIE!!  Let's go!

~ "Charlie and Ace"

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"It's like Disneyland for Dogs"

After 5 years of Doggie Day Camp at our beloved Camp Canine, Kokie and I both regard this place as our second home.  It's truly run BY AND FOR dog lovers.  With boulders to climb, waterfalls to run through and cozy cots for long naps in the shade, it's like Disneyland for dogs!  In fact, our grandchildren ask to visit there whenever they're in town.  There's even a personable parrot that greets you at the door!  The staff is extraordinarily caring and kind, considerate, cooperative and thoughtful.  I'd trust any one of them with my life ... and my dog ... without hesitation.

Knowing Kokie is cared for and happy there means the world to me.  We would never consider going anywhere else.

~ Deborah D. & "Kokie"

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"Your Place is Fantastic!"

Just wanted to say how wonderful it was to visit on Saturday.  We're totally in love with Mary and your place is fantastic!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

(Mary was a rescue who was trained at Camp Canine until she found her new home.)

~ Warren & Alison C. ... & "Mary"

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"We Absolutely Love Camp Canine!"

My dog is Toot the terrier, and we absolutely love Camp Canine!  My family has been bringing their dogs to John and Mary and company for over 15 years.  The facilities are fabulous, and the people who care for the animals are even better.  Our dog loves to come to Camp, and we can leave knowing he is in very capable and caring hands!

Francine L. & "Toot"

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"I'm the Playground Queen!"

I am a hound dog and I'm called Loki.  I love to go to Camp Canine because I can play and play and play, with all sorts of other dogs.  Sometimes, I run under the waterfall when I want to cool off.  Sometimes I climb the big rocks ... and then I'm the Playgound Queen!

Joan J. & "Loki"

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"My Dogs are Treated Lovingly"

I know that when I drop my dogs off at Camp Canine, they will be well taken care of.  Whether for a day of play at "Lake Splashmore", or a bath day in the Spa.  My dogs are treated lovingly with happy attention.  I like that everyone "knows" our dogs and cares for them like we do.

Nina D. & "Sadie & Stella"

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"She runs up to the door every morning for Camp"

Camp Canine is the best!  It allows me to go to work knowing that Maddie is safe and having fun and keeping busy.  She looks forward to going and jumps out of the car and runs up to the door every morning for camp.  And she's happy when I pick her up!  The staff are very caring and helpful with both of us.  I am so glad to have Camp Canine available for Maddie (and me!).

Kim D. & "Maddie"

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"Just Look at the Giant Grin!"

I just want to tell you how much you mean to me and my dog.  Two years ago I adopted Lola, the rottweiler, she was severly abused.  She rarely left my side and is still super shy and skiddish, even to go potty.  I started taking her to class with John and dropping her off for day care.  Now she is a very happy girl who never gets in fights even when taunted.

That is not even why I am writing you, if you could have seen her two years ago (crouched and terrified of everything from getting kicked with steal toed boots and tortured with motorcycles) to how she is now when I pull my car up to Camp Canine, you would know what real joy is.  She just wiggles and runs to the Camp door, elated to go play with her friends ... forget about seperation anxiety! She is a new dog, a fabulous pet and a well behaved member of society.  There is no better way for me to take care of my best friend then to make her happy and to hear about her day at Camp Canine just by looking at that giant grin.  Thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lynette L. & "Lola"

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"We can Leave Town and Not Worry!"

Scooter is 14 years old and has been a frequent camper since puppyhood.  She's now a Senior Camper and gets to show all the new kids the ropes!  It's so great to know we can leave town and not worry about Scooter as we know she's getting the BEST of care from the wonderful staff at Camp Canine.

Ron & Vikki, and "Scooter"

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"Maya's home away from home"

Camp Canine is Maya’s home away from home. When I drop her off she can’t wait to get out of the car and doesn’t even look back. I think that says it all!!

Danis V. & "Maya"

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"He wags his tail like crazy"

Rio just loves coming to play with his friends at Camp Canine!  He wags his tail like crazy when we arrive to Camp!

Kathy & "Rio"

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"They are always treated with Love and Care"

We have been bringing our dogs to Camp Canine for over 4 years.  John, Mary and all the staff make us feel as if we are leaving our little ones with family.  The dogs' needs are always taken into consideration and it is always evident they are always treated with lots of love and care. We have also worked with John on training both our dogs, with great results!  John teaches both dogs and their parents practical tools that lead to a happier time together!

Samantha G. & "Pharyll and Coco"