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Overnight Lodging

Test picture for LodgingOf course it's hard to leave your dog behind, even if it's just for one night.  You want to make sure your dog will get the kind of care you would give if you were here.  Lodging guests at Camp Canine stay with dogs their own size.  The little dogs in Camp Run-a-Muck and the big dogs in the Lodge all sleep on comfortable cots with lambies and blankets.  Cozy cabin bedding is changed and freshened every day. 

If your dog prefers sleeping with a friend after a long day of play, friends are tucked away together to make Camping even more fun.  Camp Canine staff or owners are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Doggy Day Camp

A day at Doggie Day Camp is filled with energetic play supervised by a trained Camp Counselor.  Now your dog can play all day, stay fit and exercised, and become even more socialized around other dogs.  If you're at work for the day or running errands, your canine friend doesn't have to sit at home alone waiting for your return. 

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The Spa

Quality cuts and gentle treatments are given to each individual guest using only the finest all-natural products. Our relaxing warm water HydroSurge bath is just heavenly. Ears are cleaned, nails clipped and coats are brushed and fluffed with gentle warm air. The Spa adds to the fun and comfort of any short or long-term stay.

Scheduling Spa services at check-in is recommended.

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