CoffeeShop Dogs™

        EVERY dog can be a CoffeeShop Dog!

  •    CoffeeShop Dogs™ are well-mannered and fun to be around.
  •    They come when they're called and return to their spot when asked.
  •    They are respectful around food and comfortable around other dogs.
  •    And they wait patiently without barking for their Owner's return.

Training Programs

CoffeeShop Dog™ Training

Group Lessons at Camp Canine

CoffeeShop Dog™ Training
... our unique training method for dogs of all ages

Even if your dog has developed some bad habits, we can show you how to get your dog back on the right paw!

Many owners take their new puppies to puppy class and still end up with adolescent or adult behavioral problems.  How come that early training didn't "stick"?!!

You dog can "know" how to come when called, and still not be able to do it if there are distractions present. Without strong impulse control, it's difficult for dogs to be reliable to follow your cues and commands.  We'll show you how every interaction you have with your dog can be part of an effective, daily training program that can turn your dog into a true CoffeeShop Dog™ !

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 for details

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PuppyMagic™ Group Class

We help Puppies Grow Up Great!

Our unique training program is taylored to the special needs of very young puppies and focuses on teaching them impulse control from the very begining. You'll learn how to teach impulse control everytime you pick your puppy up. You'll also learn how to establish a relationship where your puppy looks to you for guidance, and accepts your leadership right for the start. 

Get your puppy started on the right paw ... from the first moment you bring your new puppy home.

  • Class #1: for little puppies age 10 to 14 weeks:  Saturdays from 12:30 to 2:00 pm
  • Class #2: for little puppies age 14 to 18 weeks: Saturdays from 2:15 to 3:45 pm

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 for more information.

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Day School Training

When You Need a Little Extra Help ...

Do you have a busy schedule AND a dog you love? 

Doggie Day School is an easy way to get the basic training, and sometimes even the behavior modification help you need.

Dogs spend the day at the Camp Canine Training Center and get one-on-one training, group training and socialization with other dogs. They learn to "chill" between activites and they learn to take their turn.  A day of Doggie Day School is filled with training, problem solving, socialization, exercise and fun!

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 for more information.

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Private Lessons

Personal One-on-One Lessons

Personalized one-on-one training is a powerful way to get training help designed for your dog's unique needs. Individual instruction that specifically addresses your basic-training or behavioral modification needs is a great way to make quick progress.  

Many owners start with a one-on-one lesson and combine it with Doggie Day School. We'll show you how to be more important to your dog ... which means your dog will pay attention to you, even in more distracting situations.  

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 for more imformation.

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Problem Solving

Problem Solving & Rehabilitation

Is your dog's behavior putting you and others at risk?  Don't wait to solve your dog's aggressive behavior problem. Get the professional help you need today.

Even the most beloved pet can have potentially dangerous behavior that puts you, your dog, and the others at risk. Many dogs act aggressively because they are fearful.  When dogs are afraid it's difficult for them to learn anything new.  We have had years of experience and success helping dogs overcome their fears. When your dog becomes confident and comfortable around other dogs and people you'll both have a much more satisfying life together.

Call the Camp Canine Training Center at 805-962-1013 for more information. 

Problem Solving

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River Ridge Ranch Summer Camp


Camp Canine's Summer Camp at River Ridge Ranch is a wonderful training opportunity for dogs.  Every dog has a big experience of freedom, perhaps for the first time ever.  They gain a whole new level of confidence and learn to be responsible in a large social setting.  Something happens to dogs who get to hang around the camp fire, swim in the river every day and get to the be the center of attention for weeks. Make sure it happens to your dog!

We are taking reservations for next year's program which will include owner participation ... imagine yourself swimming in the Upmqua River with your dog!