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Welcome to Camp Canine!

Camp Canine has been Santa Barbara's premier Pet Resort & Training Center since 1984.  With over 30 years experience raising and training dogs, the care and comfort of your dog continues to be our passion and our commitment.  We offer the finest canine services in town.

Our Canine guests enjoy the best cuisine and receive regular health checks throughout their stay.  Camp Counselors supervise active play groups designed to match your dog's temperament and personality.  And you can add Fitness Camp activities to your dog's stay to enhance mental and physical well-being.

Conviently located in downtown Santa Barbara, transportation to Montecito, Summerland, Goleta and surrounding areas is available.  Call today for a tour and a Free Trial for your canine friend.

River Ridge Ranch Summer Camp


Training & Good Nutrition are Key!

All our Campers get the best nutrition, enzymes with their kibble, probiotics if our Nutrition Specialist sees a need and Kangen water for anti-oxidant health. Campers go home feeling fit, exercised and happy!

One of the BEST ways to assure your dog's well-being is to get the training your dog needs to be happy and safe!   Classes and Lessons are available throughout the week at Camp Canine:

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We want to make sure your pup will enjoy our group-play setting while you're away. 

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Doggy Day Camp

Day Camp is a great way for your canine friend to get the exercise, fun and socialization needed to be a healthy, happy pet.  Our Concierge service makes it easy to drop off and pick up curbside at Camp Canine!

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CoffeeShop Dog™ Training


ANY dog can be a CoffeeShop Dog™
No shock-collars, pinch collars or choke chains. CoffeeShop Dog™ training is a unique training method based on 30+ years of experience. Day school for your dog and lessons for the two of you can make a BIG difference in having the well-behaved dog you've always wanted.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION about CoffeeShop Dog™ Training.


Get Your Puppy Started on the Right Paw!

Getting a new puppy? Want to avoid the first few nights of screaming in the crate? Want potty training to go smoothly and quickly? We can help make bringing puppy home easier than ever. 

Group Classes are available for puppies as young as 10 weeks of age. Training is fun and effective when you start early and build a strong foundation for good manners.  We can help your puppy Grow Up Great!

PUPPY DAY SCHOOL is a great way to get the socialization and basic training your puppy needs. Don't miss out on those VERY important early weeks when puppies are eager to learn. Your busy schedule doesn't have to get in the way. Your puppy can spend the day in puppy school learning to be comfortable around dogs and learning the basics of good behavior. Early training makes a difference ... and lasts a lifetime!

Our "Ruff"rences

Ace & Charlie

A bath and a haircut today? At the Spa at Camp Canine? YIPPIE!! Let's go! ~ "Charlie and Ace"

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